Saturday, April 3, 2010

Chef day - Fish farm

this morning have an activities at balik pulau.
is organize by Chef Association (CA). we go visit a CA member's catfish farm.
from this activities i had gain a lot knowledge.
the 1st time i catch catfish with hand, 1st time see how to cut catfish.
From left : Mei Ling, Bruce Lee (lecture), Xiu Yee, me, Chef Sonia.
CAC catch catfish.haha...
smoking catfish...haha...this around 1kg catfish.
nice post...wakaka....^^
Shaolin 18 monk, less 15.wakaka...'0'
chef association member photo.
2day really tire,but gain a lot i never get the experience before.
hope will have this kind of activities again to let me learn more.hehe...^^

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