Saturday, October 23, 2010

My daddy and eugene birthday party...

peacock or chicken???
haha...this is the junk food that my mother make it when i still child. happy can see it again.

fish finger, a lot people like it.

thai egg salad that i make.haha...they all dont like so sad :(

tuna sandwich that my girlfriend help to make it.hehe...


man tou.....

jelly that make by sister.....

baked hot dog...

boxing chicken...

display of my food...nice???

haha...this 1 is i curve 1.i love it so much.hehe......but at the end let the children eat it....

although today very tire, but i feel very happy cause my family they all enjoy with the food that i make. and today my family all at home and can hv lunch 2gether. today is a happy day............happy birthday dad...

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Chef day - Fish farm

this morning have an activities at balik pulau.
is organize by Chef Association (CA). we go visit a CA member's catfish farm.
from this activities i had gain a lot knowledge.
the 1st time i catch catfish with hand, 1st time see how to cut catfish.
From left : Mei Ling, Bruce Lee (lecture), Xiu Yee, me, Chef Sonia.
CAC catch catfish.haha...
smoking catfish...haha...this around 1kg catfish.
nice post...wakaka....^^
Shaolin 18 monk, less 15.wakaka...'0'
chef association member photo.
2day really tire,but gain a lot i never get the experience before.
hope will have this kind of activities again to let me learn more.hehe...^^

Monday, February 15, 2010

2010 新年快乐。。。虎年

我们煮了好多食物哦,有猪脚醋,杂菜汤,咸菜汤,curry 面等等。。。

Saturday, February 6, 2010

My new shoe...

wohohooo....Chinese new year is coming...sure everyone will buy new cloths and also.i just bought a new shoe.yeah....

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

first day class at Culinary Art Centre

today is my first day attend the culinary art class. it is great to meet the lecture. my 1st lesson is learn how to cut. today i just know that a knife also have a lot of knowledge have to learn. learn how to use it, what material use to make knife, otc...i really feel happy n found that what i want there. wanna see my chef look.haha...even now i just a student of learning culinary art,but 1 day i sure will become a great chef.let you see the first time i wear the chef uniform.

Full Uniform

Uniform Without Cap

hope i will gain more knowledge for the coming day in CAC and will have a great future in kitchen.^^