Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009 and welcome 2010

hohoho...finally 2009 is over.goodbye 2009. at the last few day of 2009, my girlfriend and my friends is came penang to countdown. there are few photo that we take together. wakaka...

bless from A MI TO FO

i caught you Anaconda!!!

The King cobra shit...this is the first time i saw king cobra shit in front me.this is a way for them to protect themselves from enemy.

at the end of 2009 i have a nice week at the last week with my girlfriend.

thank you for you (my girlfriend) thank you give me so wonderful memory at the end of 2009. and welcome 2010 with me.
thank you my friends who come Penang with my GF.even u all like spotlight, but hope you will get a good memory in 2009 and wish you all will have a good good year for 2010.

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